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GS Mains MMP+ 2024 Batch-3-img

GS Mains MMP+ 2024 Batch-3

GS Mains MMP 2024 Batch-3-img

GS Mains MMP 2024 Batch-3

GS Mains MMP+ 2024 Batch-2-img

GS Mains MMP+ 2024 Batch-2

GS Mains MMP 2024 Batch-2-img

GS Mains MMP 2024 Batch-2

Mains Test Series - 2024-img

Mains Test Series - 2024

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Our Students Love Us

I saw videos of Varun sir regarding the tricks of solving MCQs in Prelims that honestly helped me a lot in my Prelims.
Apala Mishra
AIR 9  UPSC CSE 2020
Course Joined:
I believe that Live Answer Writing (LAWS) is quite noble and a good initiative of Edsarrthi team.
Anshu Priya
AIR 16  UPSC CSE 2021
Course Joined:
Mains Mentorship ProgramLAWS (Live Answer Writing Session)
I'm thankful for Varun sir's valuable mentorship for the Mains written examination and interview guidance program.
Anay Navandar
AIR 32  UPSC CSE 2021
Course Joined:
Mains Mentorship ProgramInterview Guidance

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