LAWS GS-2 & GS-3

Learn the art of answer writing with 2 month- Live Answer Writing Sessions (LAWS)

LAWS GS-2 & GS-3
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LAWS GS-2 & GS-3

Start Date : 19th Dec
Validty Till : Prelims 2023

Course Features:


₹ 2,359 

(Inclusive of all taxes)


Frequently Asked Questions

Live answer writing session will be conducted on EdSarrthi app ( from google playstore) or by visiting EdSarrthi website

Yes if you miss live answer writing session you will be getting recording of the lecture which you can watch anytime and any number of times until the validity of the course

No evaluation of Live Answer Writing Session will not be done, each question will be discussed in the class.

Yes you can download PDF of Live Answer Writing Session(LAWS)

No we will not be providing value addition material and lectures in the course