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Atmanirbhar Foundation 2025

Batch 3

Comprehensive 4-Phase Foundation Course for UPSC IAS 2025 Aspirant with coverage of Prelims Basics, Mains Mentorship and Prelims Revision Course

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Atmanirbhar Foundation 2025

Starting Date : 25th March 2024
Validity Till : Mains 2025

Course Features:

    500+ hours of Classes to cover prelims content.
    • At initial stage, right after the starting of the course - focus of the course will be to cover entire prelims content with concise and comprehensive content along with quality video lectures. In this starting phase all subjects will be covered one by one. Students will get detailed weekly schedule in subjectwise manner.
    • Along with prelims content, we will also provide in-depth coverage of Mains content. These 200+ hour of classes will be extra classes apart from the covering prelims content.
    • Along with weekly schedule, students will also get DRS (Doubt resolving sessions). This DRS will help student in resolving their questions or queries of student associated with content they have read.
    • Edsarrthi will provide mentorship sessions to group provided by Edsarrthi. These groups will get these mentorship sessions form both EdSARRTHI's mentors and UPSC Toppers for motivation and approach related requirements.
    • Edsarrthi will take 40+ live sessions to provide insight related to answer writing to the student. These answer writing will students in understanding the requirement of the mains answer writing. These LAWS Sessions will be taken live. For Detailed information, students can go through Course brochure.
    • Edsarrthi will provide weekly schedule and Assignments to test the knowledge of topics. These schedule and assignments will hep students in analysing the real knowledge grasp on topics.
    • Close to prelims revision - Edsarrthi will focus on providing prelims oriented courses in which application will be required to solve prelims paper.
    • Along with content part - last 5 years prelims ad mains PYQ will be discussed in a detailed manner.
    • After your completion of your mains preparation. EdSarrthi will provide complete CSAT Foundation for prelims preparation.
    • Apart from Notes and Lectures of recorded sessions - Edsarrthi will also provide notes of important NCERT Books. These notes will help aspirants in covering the basic books in detailed manner.


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Edsarrthi's Journey So Far

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Student Testimonials
What Toppers are saying about EdSarrthi
Apala MishraAIR 9UPSC CSE 2020
I saw videos of Varun sir regarding the tricks of solving MCQs in Prelims that honestly helped me a lot in my Prelims.
Course Joined:
Anshu PriyaAIR 16UPSC CSE 2021
I believe that Live Answer Writing (LAWS) is quite noble and a good initiative of Edsarrthi team.
Course Joined:
Mains Mentorship ProgramLAWS (Live Answer Writing Session)
Anay NavandarAIR 32UPSC CSE 2021
I'm thankful for Varun sir's valuable mentorship for the Mains written examination and interview guidance program.
Course Joined:
Mains Mentorship ProgramInterview Guidance

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes - Atmanirbhar is three phase Program - Pre Cum Mains cum Advance Pre . So , yes it will cover all subjects from the basic to the Advance level.

Yes - Atmanirbhar will provide Notes and lectures both.

Mentorship Sessions are live interaction with Mentors where mentor share his experience along with students asking their doubts regarding preparation

Mentorship sessions will be taken by Varun and his team (Selected persons in the service).

It is combination of both Live and Recorded Lecture. Where Foundation are covered through Recorded Lectures, Mentorship Session and Doubt Resolution Session will be live.

Courses line - CSAT , LAWS , Prelims Test series , Mains Module Courses and many more are part of Atmanirbhar Program.

Yes Weekly Test will be conducted based on weekly classes, discussion video of weekly test will also be provided.

Classes will be conducted on both app and portal of Edsarrthi.