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GS Mains MMP+ 2024

Batch 3

A comprehensive mentorship program with some additional features.This program will make you prepare for Mains through Live Answer Writing

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GS MMP+ Batch-3

Starting Date : 1st November 2023
Validity Till : Mains 2024

GS MMP Batch-3

Starting Date : 1st November 2023
Validity Till : Mains 2024

Course Features:

    Complete coverage of GS-1, GS-2, GS-3, GS-4 Syllabus.
    • Paper wise - GS-1 , GS-2 , GS-3 and GS-4 Syllabus will be covered through video lectures and Revision Friendly videos
    • Students can get their copies evaluated through Mentor Call Support.
    • LAWS will Cover all GS Papers GS -1 ,GS-2 ,GS-3 and GS-4.
    • GS-1 : Society
    • GS-2 : IR
    • GS-3 : Internal Security
    • GS-4 : Ethics
    • Introduction & Conclusion Template
    • Data - Diagram and Facts & Figure Documents
    • Flowchart and Diagram
    • Extra 4 FLT of GS + 1 FLT of Essay will be provided without Evaluation.


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Student Testimonials
What Toppers are saying about EdSarrthi
Apala MishraAIR 9UPSC CSE 2020
I saw videos of Varun sir regarding the tricks of solving MCQs in Prelims that honestly helped me a lot in my Prelims.
Course Joined:
Anshu PriyaAIR 16UPSC CSE 2021
I believe that Live Answer Writing (LAWS) is quite noble and a good initiative of Edsarrthi team.
Course Joined:
Mains Mentorship ProgramLAWS (Live Answer Writing Session)
Anay NavandarAIR 32UPSC CSE 2021
I'm thankful for Varun sir's valuable mentorship for the Mains written examination and interview guidance program.
Course Joined:
Mains Mentorship ProgramInterview Guidance

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes - after live classes - video recording will be available on portal/app which can be watched multiple times.There will be no restriction on number of times videos can be watched till the validity of the course.

There's no defined Mantra to crack UPSC. Yes, you can prepare comprehensively, as course content is prepared from wide range of sources. Moreover, course has been structured in such a way that you can practice rigorously before mains as well as pre-examination.

Yes, Our Course is so well designed that it covers both basic to an advanced level. So, you can access this course at any level of your preparation.

In MMP+ (All features of MMP) will be there plus there will be additional features like live one to one copy evaluation, there will be mains oriented complete GS coverage (pdf+ video recording)

LAWS and Mentorship sessions will be live, Mains content will be provided in recording format. Post Live session - recording will be available. These videos will be made available within 24 hours of the session. It can be viewed whenever you want as per your comfort. It will be recommended that you prepare a proper schedule of your own.