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Talk To Your Mentor
Talk to your mentor is a free initiative by Edsarrthi, wherein you can schedule a call with our professional mentors and ask any doubts regarding your preparation. Whether you are beginning your preparation or stuck at any stage, we at Edsarrthi focus on guiding aspirants at every stage of preparation.
Schedule a call
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Schedule a call
Plan your schedule
Strategize & get motivated
Solve every doubt
Plan your schedule : Set your goals, prioritize tasks, create a monthly or a weekly plan. Our mentors will help you set realistic and flexible targets. Achieving short term targets enhances your confidence and gives you motivation to achieve long term targets.

Strategize and get motivated : As the exam is divided in 3 stages, an appropriate strategy plays a key role in success in this examination. Communicate with our mentors to stay positive and learn to maintain self motivation, as the exam demands consistent and dedicated efforts.

Solve every doubt : How to make notes on current affairs, how to choose optional, how to start answer writing, how to study while working, etc. Get answer of all your HOWs. Our mentors are ready to dedicate time and effort to solve every doubt of yours.
How can it help you?
It is important to remember that mentorship is a two way process. You can always seek out a mentor, communicate your needs and goals clearly and be open to feedback and guidance. Mentorship can help you navigate through difficult situations, can help you provide knowledge and insights.
Plan your schedule scientifically with the help of a mentor.
Mentorship can assist candidates in managing time effectively.
Provide motivation and emotional support to keep candidates motivated and focused.
Mentorship can effective guidance on answer writing skills.
Mentorship can help create best study strategies and select best study materials.
Mentors can offer insights into the UPSC exam pattern, syllabus, and question trends.
Frequently Asked Questions

Zoom link will be provided to you on your email id.

You can contact us through the number provided on our website. Zoom link will be sent to you on WhatsApp.

Yes, Prelims Module course will cover Entire Syllabus of Prelims. Students will be taught the entire content of the prelim's syllabus.

No, mentors are available only between 3-5 PM. Book your slots accordingly.

No, mentorship is available only between Monday-Friday.

Yes, doubts can be academic and non academic. Our experienced mentors will try to resolve all doubts of yours.

Yes, you can book a meeting more than once, considering slots are available on the respective day.

No, it is a free initiative from Edsarrthi and not part of any course. Mentorship session are taken by faculties in the respective courses which is different from talk to your mentor initiative.